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The well-watched Frenchie

It isn’t hard to imagine how American television infiltrated France, just as much of American culture has been thrust upon the rest of the free world. But those Frenchies have made our TV shows their own.

You will be completely delighted by the French Dallas theme song:

Pour l’amour du risque (that would be Hart to Hart to us English speakers):

Starsky et Hutch:

Fraggle Rock:

Then there are several which have fabulously adorable names. See if you can guess what they are, then click on the links to see if you got it right:

Interestingly, France wasn’t blessed with one of my personal favorites, Family Ties:

And we didn’t get to watch such Frenchie classics as Hélène et les garçons:

What other American shows were popular in France? I hope you’ll write in and add to the list!


The pomme de mon eye

Here’s some pictures from my visit last week to the home of Beeplet (also known as Lucy), BEPA’s daughter. Have I mentioned that this is the cutest baby on the entire planet (and the smartest, most charismatic, most user-friendly, sweetest…)?

Clearly she takes after her parents, who are two of the loveliest people I know.

I’m so smitten!



Kids are people, too!

The last scene of Truffalt’s masterpiece, Argent de Poche