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Get outta my face, Mo Fo!

No joke, Sarko told a man who refused to shake his hand at an agricultural convention to…well, to go fly a kite… in so many words.


Les cloches de wedding sont ringing!

So, the word on the street is that Sarko is marrying his sweet cannoli on Thursday.

Wow, that Sarko is a doer!



Sorry, just had to yell out that headline.  This week has been crazy.  First  Sarko gets engaged and now GIANT RATS ARE INVADING NEW JERSEY!!!  I need to call my assemblyman, stat.


From the New York Post:

Giant rodents are about to take over New Jersey!

And even if the Garden State might not look any different, it has some officials worried about the ugly, 20-pound nutria which have made their way here from points south of the Mason-Dixon line.

The furry rodent is widely considered one of the most damaging creatures to marshland ecosystems – which, of course, would make New Jersey the critter’s spiritual home.

“I spotted it in Lower Alloway Township, Oct. 29,” state Division of Fish and Wildlife biologist Andrew Burnett told The Star-Ledger of Newark.

“The animal was swimming across Alloway Creek approximately 150 feet from my position.”

For decades, the nutria have slowly made their way up the Eastern Sseaboard. It was first recorded in large numbers in Delaware and Maryland in the 1980s

And now, the first has been spotted in Jersey.

“It’s a very large rodent,” said Leonard Douglen, executive director of the New Jersey Pest Management Association.

“As long as we don’t allow the population to grow, we can eradicate them no matter how big they are.”

The rodents – which measure as long as 24 inches from nose to tail – can kill an ecosystem by evicting current tenants like waterfowl, crabs and fish.

Douglen said that if the nutria invade New Jersey in large numbers, he and other pest-control warriors will have to take them out, one at a time.

“We’d probably trap them, wherever there are sightings. We’d have to set traps in those areas,” he told The Post last night.

“Just because a new species comes around doesn’t mean you reinvent the wheel.”

The nutria, as big as most dogs and resembling a beaver, has an average life span of about four years in the wild.

The South American rodent, with its fine fur, was once bred for their pelts in the late 19th century and in the first half of the 20th century.

As nutria farms popped up in the South and Gulf Coast regions, so did feral populations of the big, ugly rodents.

The most fierce battles against the nutria have been waged on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, where state officials want to protect their precious Chesapeake Bay.

The Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge in Maryland has been ground zero of the war against the nutria, which has devoured about 7,000 acres of salt marsh in the past half-century.

Sarko engaged?!

Woooooooah! Hold yer horses! I haven’t even finished mourning the end of Cecilia yet!

There’s real speculation that Sarko proposed to Italian-born model Carla Bruni on Christmas day during their vacation in Egypt, when she was photographed wearing a gigantic, pink diamond on her wedding-ring finger.


I can’t believe this. Like one month of dating and they’re getting married? Do you know what news like this does for my self-esteem?!

Only kidding.

Sort of.

It’s not bad enough that Carla Bruni is a supermodel. A rich supermodel. Then on top of that she gets a big giant rock after dating the president de la République for a month?

This is retarded. I can’t even believe I’m reporting on this. I should see what my cat is up to and report on that instead.


Oh, he’s passed out next to the Christmas tree.

Anyway, here is a link to the article in Le Parisien, featuring commentary from Bruni’s mother about their relationship. Wouldn’t you just be SO pissed at your mom if she did that to you?

You can also read the watered-down American translation in People [CARLA BRUNI: FRANCE’S NEXT FIRST LADY?….gag, (gag is mine)] by clicking here.

Excuse me, but I need to go cry now.

Sarko-Carla Bruni union scandalizes guy on YouTube

I love when he calls Sarko the alter-eg0 of George Bush and tells him he hates him. Later, he ponders the sanity of Carla Bruni.

The French Fried American can’t help herself

You know, this self-imposed moratorium on writing about Sarko has gone on way too long.

I feel left out.

Even Perez Hilton is writing about him!   Click here to see the photos of Sarko dressing far too young for his age, with his pretty model ladyfriend.   No jizz coming out of his mouth though, which is kind of disappointing.

Nice job, Sarko, keepin’ your private life under wraps.

I miss Cecilia!


Season’s Greetings from Ratville…or is it Mouseville?

Fifi has gone off to France and I am here in Ratville. Life is not fair. But the ambiance in our apartment is pretty sweet. Sort of.


This holiday season we’ve been visited by the Souris de Noel, or the Christmas mice. I got chocolates and a toothbrush (in that order) and Fifi got some chapstick and a travel-size garden gnome.

Unfortunately, Pablo has been catching the Christmas mice and then batting them around in the wee hours as they die slow and tortured deaths. Also, one died in the wall and the smell of death is emanating from the wall socket.

As an aside, I worry that now that I’ve been making a concerted effort to write less about Sarko, I’m now writing too much about my cat. And that’s probably way lamer.