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The well-watched Frenchie

It isn’t hard to imagine how American television infiltrated France, just as much of American culture has been thrust upon the rest of the free world. But those Frenchies have made our TV shows their own.

You will be completely delighted by the French Dallas theme song:

Pour l’amour du risque (that would be Hart to Hart to us English speakers):

Starsky et Hutch:

Fraggle Rock:

Then there are several which have fabulously adorable names. See if you can guess what they are, then click on the links to see if you got it right:

Interestingly, France wasn’t blessed with one of my personal favorites, Family Ties:

And we didn’t get to watch such Frenchie classics as Hélène et les garçons:

What other American shows were popular in France? I hope you’ll write in and add to the list!



I’ve been waiting for this since I started this blog… a real, live gréve!

The SNCF, the French version of Amtrak (except that unlike Amtrak, it is actually a competent company) is in strike and no one can go anyplace!

Apparently no one can go to work. Paris is a big party.

I wonder if there are big, inflatable rats lurking around like we have in New York.


Details to come, as I wait for news from my Parisian comrades with the inside scoop.

The last time there was a strike of this nature was in 1995, when workers wanted the government to stop some proposed reforms. They’re trying to stop Sarko, who is apparently very reform-happy these days.

Sarko is definitely not having a good month. In fact, they’re calling it Black October!

Some notes on Frenchie Road Rules

I will admit that I have a bad habit. I am addicted to gossip blogs. I spend valuable time lurking on these sites that I could otherwise spend finishing the book I’ve been writing for the past six years, or finding a solution to my neighborhood’s rat problem. Instead my youth withers away while I ‘m reading about Britney Spears and the Lohan family. Which helps no one, really. Until now.

Recently Hulk Hogan’s son had a horrible car accident that could have killed someone, and the photos I saw of the car wreckage were so gruesome that I got to thinking about the French system of putting up black painted, plywood cutouts of people who perish in accidents near the scene, as a reminder to the still-living to slow down a little.


It’s pretty sobering, especially when you see a whole slew of these things along the side of the road.

Another technique to get people to slow down is the use of radar machines. The machines take a reading of how fast you’re going and a picture of your license plate, and if you’re going too fast…presto! They mail you a ticket in the mail.

The thing I find most interesting about this is that they warn you when one is coming. How do they make any money?


Rosco and Boss Hogg sure aren’t hiding behind a billboard in Frogland!