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The well-watched Frenchie

It isn’t hard to imagine how American television infiltrated France, just as much of American culture has been thrust upon the rest of the free world. But those Frenchies have made our TV shows their own.

You will be completely delighted by the French Dallas theme song:

Pour l’amour du risque (that would be Hart to Hart to us English speakers):

Starsky et Hutch:

Fraggle Rock:

Then there are several which have fabulously adorable names. See if you can guess what they are, then click on the links to see if you got it right:

Interestingly, France wasn’t blessed with one of my personal favorites, Family Ties:

And we didn’t get to watch such Frenchie classics as Hélène et les garçons:

What other American shows were popular in France? I hope you’ll write in and add to the list!


McGreevey speaks on Larry Craig!

I love this guy.

Click here to read this fabulous editorial by James McGreevey, formerly closeted governor of New Jersey.

Cluny, and that ain’t George!

After rolling along leisurely for a few hours, we stopped and parked the minivan in the shade, where we set up a nice buffet on the hood and had ourselves a nice little picnique.


We decided to visit the abbey at Cluny, which I was sad to learn was mostly destroyed by some idiots during the revolution. This is all that’s left:


But it was a pretty entertaining way to spend the afternoon, because they’re really trying to recreate it.

My favorite part was the movie where were had to wear special glasses.


Okay, maybe I should be embarrassed by this. How old am I, 8?

Back in the day, when Europeans actually cared about catholicism, this was the most powerful Benedictine Abbey in the west. Here are some more pictures.