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Get outta my face, Mo Fo!

No joke, Sarko told a man who refused to shake his hand at an agricultural convention to…well, to go fly a kite… in so many words.


The well-watched Frenchie

It isn’t hard to imagine how American television infiltrated France, just as much of American culture has been thrust upon the rest of the free world. But those Frenchies have made our TV shows their own.

You will be completely delighted by the French Dallas theme song:

Pour l’amour du risque (that would be Hart to Hart to us English speakers):

Starsky et Hutch:

Fraggle Rock:

Then there are several which have fabulously adorable names. See if you can guess what they are, then click on the links to see if you got it right:

Interestingly, France wasn’t blessed with one of my personal favorites, Family Ties:

And we didn’t get to watch such Frenchie classics as Hélène et les garçons:

What other American shows were popular in France? I hope you’ll write in and add to the list!

Les cloches de wedding sont ringing!

So, the word on the street is that Sarko is marrying his sweet cannoli on Thursday.

Wow, that Sarko is a doer!


J’adore this song!

My friend Jason who bears a striking resemblance to both Justin Timberlake AND Doogie Houser, MD, who also happens to be the undisputed princess of pop music, finally started his blog about… you guessed it….pop music.

So from now on, he shall be known as THE AGITPOPTIMIST.

Pop on over and check out what he has to say from time to time. I’m sure you won’t be disappointed. You might even find yourself bopping boobies you didn’t even know you had!

He inspired me to post this video by Katerine, a great French poptart whose music Fifi and I were definitely bopping our boobies to this summer:

His outfit is so Madonna à la Confessions on a Dance Floor, n’est pas?

Sarko engaged?!

Woooooooah! Hold yer horses! I haven’t even finished mourning the end of Cecilia yet!

There’s real speculation that Sarko proposed to Italian-born model Carla Bruni on Christmas day during their vacation in Egypt, when she was photographed wearing a gigantic, pink diamond on her wedding-ring finger.


I can’t believe this. Like one month of dating and they’re getting married? Do you know what news like this does for my self-esteem?!

Only kidding.

Sort of.

It’s not bad enough that Carla Bruni is a supermodel. A rich supermodel. Then on top of that she gets a big giant rock after dating the president de la République for a month?

This is retarded. I can’t even believe I’m reporting on this. I should see what my cat is up to and report on that instead.


Oh, he’s passed out next to the Christmas tree.

Anyway, here is a link to the article in Le Parisien, featuring commentary from Bruni’s mother about their relationship. Wouldn’t you just be SO pissed at your mom if she did that to you?

You can also read the watered-down American translation in People [CARLA BRUNI: FRANCE’S NEXT FIRST LADY?….gag, (gag is mine)] by clicking here.

Excuse me, but I need to go cry now.

Reason 1,204,465,683,612 why I love France

PARIS (AP) — Miss France 2008 will keep her crown, despite racy photos that appeared recently in a gossip magazine, but will not compete in the Miss World or Miss Universe pageants.

Valerie Begue, 22, will not be stripped of the title she won Dec. 8, but will not be allowed to take part in upcoming international competitions, Miss France organizers said Friday.

Begue described the outcome as “a compromise which satisfies all parties.”

The pageant’s criteria stipulates that candidates must “never have posed or exhibited (themselves) in dubious outfits or poses, partially or totally nude.”

Photos published in Entrevue magazine last week included one of a bikini-clad Begue lying on a cross in a swimming pool and another of her licking what appeared to be yogurt or evaporated milk.

Begue is a native of France’s Indian Ocean island of Reunion. She is to be replaced in international pageants by the first runner-up, Vahinerii Requillart, Miss New Caledonia.

(Note from the French Fried American: don’t you totally love the Peau d’ane outfits they’re wearing? I feel like baking the cake d’amour right now… )

No smoking in France? Quel horreur!

According to the BBC news website, France is going to outlaw smoking in cafés, bars, hotels and casinos as of January 2.


I can’t believe it! One of the last places in the universe where you can feel guilt free about lighting up. It’s the end of an era.

I remember when I was studying in France in the mid-90s and the government tried to put in place smoking and non-smoking sections. It was a total bust. The non-smoking section in most places was a single, small, broken table in the hallway next to the bathrooms.

But no smoking at ALL in public places? I remember thinking it wasn’t going to work in New York, but it ended up being a very nice change, acutally, and only a minor inconvenience on cold days. But those Frenchies aren’t nearly as compliant as we Americans are. Maybe there’ll be riots. Maybe there’ll be a grève! 

 Here’s the article in its entirety:

France is poised to extend its smoking ban to bars, cafes, restaurants and discos, but the measure will not be enforced fully until 2 January.

The health ministry said smokers would be allowed a 24-hour “grace” period for the New Year festivities.

The ban, which will also cover casinos and hotels, comes on top of a partial ban on smoking in public places that took effect in February.

Similar bans are already in place in Britain, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

The French health ministry said the wider ban, due to take effect on 1 January, would not be monitored strictly during the New Year festivities, in a gesture of “tolerance”.

Any smoker caught flouting the ban thereafter faces a 450-euro (£332; $662) fine, while those who turn a blind eye to smokers on their premises can be fined up to 750 euros.

France has about 13.5 million smokers among its population of 60.7 million.

In February smoking became outlawed in French airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, shops and offices.

The new ban is seen as a big cultural shift for France, where smoky cafes have long been the haunts of famous artists and philosophers. The ban does not include pavement tables or open-air terraces.

In 2004, Ireland became the first European country to introduce a comprehensive smoking ban in all workplaces, including pubs and restaurants.