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Get outta my face, Mo Fo!

No joke, Sarko told a man who refused to shake his hand at an agricultural convention to…well, to go fly a kite… in so many words.


Sarko engaged?!

Woooooooah! Hold yer horses! I haven’t even finished mourning the end of Cecilia yet!

There’s real speculation that Sarko proposed to Italian-born model Carla Bruni on Christmas day during their vacation in Egypt, when she was photographed wearing a gigantic, pink diamond on her wedding-ring finger.


I can’t believe this. Like one month of dating and they’re getting married? Do you know what news like this does for my self-esteem?!

Only kidding.

Sort of.

It’s not bad enough that Carla Bruni is a supermodel. A rich supermodel. Then on top of that she gets a big giant rock after dating the president de la République for a month?

This is retarded. I can’t even believe I’m reporting on this. I should see what my cat is up to and report on that instead.


Oh, he’s passed out next to the Christmas tree.

Anyway, here is a link to the article in Le Parisien, featuring commentary from Bruni’s mother about their relationship. Wouldn’t you just be SO pissed at your mom if she did that to you?

You can also read the watered-down American translation in People [CARLA BRUNI: FRANCE’S NEXT FIRST LADY?….gag, (gag is mine)] by clicking here.

Excuse me, but I need to go cry now.

No smoking in France? Quel horreur!

According to the BBC news website, France is going to outlaw smoking in cafés, bars, hotels and casinos as of January 2.


I can’t believe it! One of the last places in the universe where you can feel guilt free about lighting up. It’s the end of an era.

I remember when I was studying in France in the mid-90s and the government tried to put in place smoking and non-smoking sections. It was a total bust. The non-smoking section in most places was a single, small, broken table in the hallway next to the bathrooms.

But no smoking at ALL in public places? I remember thinking it wasn’t going to work in New York, but it ended up being a very nice change, acutally, and only a minor inconvenience on cold days. But those Frenchies aren’t nearly as compliant as we Americans are. Maybe there’ll be riots. Maybe there’ll be a grève! 

 Here’s the article in its entirety:

France is poised to extend its smoking ban to bars, cafes, restaurants and discos, but the measure will not be enforced fully until 2 January.

The health ministry said smokers would be allowed a 24-hour “grace” period for the New Year festivities.

The ban, which will also cover casinos and hotels, comes on top of a partial ban on smoking in public places that took effect in February.

Similar bans are already in place in Britain, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

The French health ministry said the wider ban, due to take effect on 1 January, would not be monitored strictly during the New Year festivities, in a gesture of “tolerance”.

Any smoker caught flouting the ban thereafter faces a 450-euro (£332; $662) fine, while those who turn a blind eye to smokers on their premises can be fined up to 750 euros.

France has about 13.5 million smokers among its population of 60.7 million.

In February smoking became outlawed in French airports, railway stations, hospitals, schools, shops and offices.

The new ban is seen as a big cultural shift for France, where smoky cafes have long been the haunts of famous artists and philosophers. The ban does not include pavement tables or open-air terraces.

In 2004, Ireland became the first European country to introduce a comprehensive smoking ban in all workplaces, including pubs and restaurants.

Sarko disses hard

While taping a segment for 60 Minutes, Sarko took off his microphone and walked off the set after Leslie Stahl asked him a question about the state of his marriage.

Good for him.  I’m sick of the media taking the focus off what’s truly important.

I love this Angry Sarko! I want more!


Here’s the link to the segment..

This whole situation makes me think of a segment I saw this morning on the Early Show the Today Show or some crap that Fifi likes to watch the mornings when he seizes control of our media intake.   It was all about whether Bill Clinton was a sex addict or not.   I immediately thought it was perhaps some backhanded anti-Hillary propaganda.  But thinking about Sarko’s reaction to Leslie Stahl’s prying, it makes me wonder: if Bill had reacted like Sarko in light of all the Monica Lewinsky scandal, would it have been such a big deal?

We Americans are so obsessed with having a fairy tale life, our expectations of others become ridiculous.  No one has a neat and tidy life.  It’s impossible.

Sarko has bad-ass qualities

I’m sorry, I know that it’s not that cool to think the Sarko is kind of cool.  But this just endears him to me.

PARIS, Oct. 19 — President Nicolas Sarkozy bristled when he was asked about his divorce today during a meeting of European Union leaders in Lisbon.

One day after his divorce from his wife, Cécilia, was announced by the Élysée Palace, a reporter from Le Monde asked Mr. Sarkozy about his “state of mind.”

He wasted no time in showing his annoyance. “My state of mind is very simple,” he said. “I was elected by the French people to solve their problems and not to comment on my private life, and I would have thought a major newspaper like Le Monde would have a greater interest in Europe than in my private life. Perhaps I should be flattered.”

He then lashed back. “As far as my private life goes,” he said, “the French are less interested in it than you are and they are right and they are perhaps more discreet and elegant than you are, sir.”

 From the New York Times.

This Just In

From Matt in Paris:

At AFP headquarters in the heart of Paris (Place de la Bourse), the bike parking is full today !!!
very difficult to find a good place to lock my bike in the parking (i usually do that with a good and solid poteau métallique..)
bref it was biking day on Paris’avenues, under a blue sky (yes it’s possible in Paris in october!!)
a lot of cars as well unfortunately on the largest avenues… et slalomer entre les voitures how do you say that in english?

(Note from the French Fried American: Is it zig-zag between cars?)

And from Catalina in Paris:

I knew that it was a strike so first thing i did was looking out and check the weather…..good, the weather was awesome. So i had lots of things to do and i did everything on my bike. It was good for my thighs…..but my goodness!!!! it was so packed!!! cars and bikes everywhere….to cross spots like “la bastille” or ‘republique’….wow forget it!!! i was breathing all those fumes….hum…
Anyway it was sooo manageable. And velib helped a lot of people too….
I heard that it’ll last today too….


So there you have it, folks. It’s rough and tumble out there on the mean streets of Paris. With a special shoutout to my beloved Vélib.  But no matter their adversary, those Frenchies still manage to talk about the weather.

I’m still waiting for others to write in. No mention as of yet of any rats.

And you know Rats are a favorite subject of mine.

Stay tuned!

Toni and Gilbert are Bigtime!

They made it to the front page of the Paris Post-Intelligencer of Paris, Tennessee!

Click here to read the article!

Wow, those French are really gracious… what’s wrong with them?!